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1st Putrajaya International 12-hour-walk

Event: 1st Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk
Venue: Dataran Putrajaya, Putrajaya
Date: 13rd to 14th December 2008
Time: 8.00pm - 8.00am
Duration : 12 hours

My Split Time :
2 hours - 13 loops
4 hours - 26 loops
6 hours - 34 loops
8 hours - 48 loops
10 hours - 56 loops
12 hours - 64 loops

Men Open :

73 loops - Kevin Chow Lak Keong, PM32 (15th, RM100)
71 loops - Thurai Sarasaidy (24th)
68 loops - Nazib Ngainin, PM14 (31st, Genting Card Worth RM100)
64 loops - Wong Kei Ming, PM55 (39th, Genting Card Worth RM100)
60 loops - Cheang Meng Wai, PM6 (54th, Genting Card Worth RM100)
53 loops - Choi Chik Choy, PM42
53 loops - Jamie Pang Kuan Yu, PM5
51 loops - Kelvin Ng Ching Her, PM2
50 loops - Jeff Ooi Joo Wan
45 loops - Frank Chong Wei Siong, Sub PM6
45 loops - Hasrul Sham, PM34
40 loops - Ng Ping Loong, Sub PM4

Women Open :
37 loops - Julie Wong Kim Mai

chasing thurai in der last loop

yeah! i've beaten thurai in der last loop

12 hours has finished finally! hooray!!

actually i juz wanted to complete only 30 loops (24 loops to qualify for medal) in this 12-hour-walk. i decided to follow kelvin ng bcoz i won't get bored easily, i believed kevin chow would fight for top 30 so i would not be able to follow him mia! i could follow other PMs and frenz but i still prefered kelvin ng, hehe..

when der race was started, i juz followed kelvin ng with a comfortable pace (not tired ofcoz comfortable lar!), listened to him talking kok all der time, making fun+fool around, laugh until stomach cramp, haha.. he always wanted to chase ng ping loong, npl was our target, guessed in 14th loop, npl slowed down liao, we tried to disturb him,haha. i managed to follow him for der 1st 19 loops (he was tired following me instead, hehe), after that he pancit liao... later on, i kept walking round & round & round, getting boring bcoz no pacer, until i saw jeff ooi, so i decided to pace with him all der way to 42km (marathon distance) but unfortunately we saw ppl queued up so long for der foods served in 5 hours, we had stop in 34 loop bcoz less ppl queued up oredi, couldn't resist der taste of der foods and it was too attractive, yummy! when i stopped in 34 loops, i had done 5 hours and 25 minutes (1.25am) non-stop walking, wow!! i couldn't believe that i could do such a long period without stopping, it was a good achievement for me! we had fried rice, fried mee, porridge, bananas, papayas, tea, coffee etc. such a delicious meal, sitting down chatting with PMs and frenz. when sitting down my body and legs were like wanted to break down, doing some sort of stretching, took off der shoes let my leg cooled a bit, luckily der injinji socks help me reduce der chance of blister.

started walking again after 25 minutes
rest (1.50am). started with slow pace bcoz juz had meal (don't know what to call, dinner or supper or breakfast!). 3 loops later, i started warming up myself with faster pace but ofcoz sweats really made us uncomfortable all der time, so changed der cloths, pant, socks and shoes would be better, from there we had wasted another 15 minutes, it was ok bcoz we felt more comfortable anyway. 2nd half of der event, jeff ooi started slowing down while my legs suddenly became stronger, inspiration suddenly came from my mind. i continued walking fast with fantastic pace (9 to 10 minutes per km), maybe bcoz of rain, i did better. shoes became wet, and i had to bear with walking with wet shoes where i could get injured easily. in 10th hour (6am) i managed to record my mileage 56km (target 55).

took a rest bcoz couldn't bear with pain liao! must eat a lot to build up energy again, if i didn't eat i guess der food would be finished liao. so sitting down rest for half an hour, 6.30am (10 and half hours) walked again with 57th loop. this time my pain became more serious, no choice, i had to bear with it! my mind was fighting with my body, 'don't give up!', i wished to do 65km this time, but estimated i could only do 63km. walked and walked, suddenly kelvin ng came back again!! my inspiration came back again but this time he had less energy to talk liao! another 1 hour to go, my mind still not wake up, i juz continued. 30 minutes left (7.30am) i had completed 61 loops, so i think i could do 10 minutes per km, must force myself to do it bcoz didn't want to waste opportunity. we encouraged each other. suresh came and joined us, many happy to see him came and support this event, he became my pacer, and encouraged me, gave me inspiration! dying to finish last km. during der last loop, thurai overtook me, in der last u-turn, going to der finishing line, i asked him to walk faster but walked even faster to 'potong sayur' him, hehe...

finally finished! i couldn't believe i did 64 loops, it was juz fantastic and incredible! i had never expect i could do it! seriously, endurance and patience are needed. also supports, encouragement, motivation from frenz are all important factors! i want to say thanks to everybody who gave me all these during der race. tired like kok! walk like turtle! sleep like cicak! driving also like mabuk nia! hehe... a wonderful experience for me, certainly it was not easy for me, i would say walking is more difficult than running!


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Runnerz said...

Congratz on a very solid walk! It was fun to see so many friends around.