Sunday, October 31, 2010

half day trip to klang

woke up around 3.40am early and went out to fetch stanley, julie, chee wah and chen kwok, together to klang run4it. actually i did not sleep quite well last night. i planed to sleep by 11pm however i did not fall asleep so easily, as a result my eyes were black like panda!

since chen kwok is preparing for his penang bridge marathon, i decided to pace him for the entire race, average pace was juz below 5.05 per km, we had completed the run with 1'01'43, what a great training it was! i felt comfortable and great. this was a good start rebuilding up my body. so i didn't really push too hard.

actually i am quite concern about this coming penang bridge 10k race, currently so far so good in every training session with coach chan. i need to put more effort on training rather than races. i believe i could do well and finish top 15 in penang bridge race. add oil!

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Anonymous said...

evening run and morning run are a bit different. Try training during morning, im sure your PBIM can get good result !