Saturday, January 08, 2011

Finally! I've got it!

I have been practising very hard since the beginning of 2009, I really hope to become one of the youngest pacemaker to get this award in 2009, however my toughest arch rival Naresh Kumar beaten me by 2 points. Came to TIGER year of 2010, I have finally earned what I have always wanted the most and It was dream come true! I am now officially being crowned the youngest and pacemaker of the year for 2010. Not only that, I have also broken the record from 42 to 46 in the medal tally which is another bonus, I hope this record will hold for long long time.

To always stay at top form is something impossible, thus I only focused on those important events, other than that I did not really showed 100% of my effort because I knew it was going to affect my body condition. I have encountered some serious injuries along the way this season, somehow I did not intend to take a break and I told myself just go on.

I always like to improve myself more in every race, I have tried number of methods to push myself beyond limit. Sometimes I realised I could not even go further even though I have had those kind of intensive trainings. I decided to join uncle Chan Chee Seng for training in May, his training was a lot tougher compare to the training I have had before. At beginning I almost wanted to give up his training but I kept going. This training really help me in improving speed.

I have traveled a lot of places in 2010, first oversea run was in Hatyai, it was also first time traveled out of Malaysia in my life, it was such fantastic experience which allowed me to explore something different which I have never been through before. Other places in Malaysia such as Cameron Highlands, Alor Setar, Taiping, Seremban, Bidor, Ipoh, Penang, Muar etc. 2010 was more evenful and abundant compared to 2009.

Last but not least, thanks Pacemakers Network for the award and recognition, thanks everyone who always helped me and gave me advice, I hope 2011 will be another great year for me, will double up my effort to get this award for the second time in 2011, will definitely defend the title. SIGNING OUT!

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